Initial Ideas

Here, you will find early ideas and concept plans for the Mill Site Area Redevelopment Plan

This project is early days – we invite you to ask questions, share your thoughts, and let us know what you think. The feedback you give us will inspire and lead to the creation of a single approach to the Mill Site plan.

Keep scrolling to view and compare the different approaches, or click the link below for the full report.

First, some common ground.

There are three concepts for you to check out at this phase of the project. Each concept is built on a foundation that follows the Community Vision and Objectives, a singular Massing Strategy, A public Waterfront Strategy, and a deep rooting in Historical Foundations.

The three concepts demonstrate different ways that a similarly scaled mixed-use neighbourhood could be created.

Community Vision and Objectives
Waterfront Strategy
Historical Foundations

Next, let’s look at some differences…

Each of the concepts that follow present unique approaches to parks and open space, activation and place-making, and integration with the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Click the links to check out each concept in full.

The Concepts


A community with a balance of cultural, ecological, and industrial experiences.


A community with a rhythm of smaller parks that connect marsh to mountain.


A community with an emphasis on one big park that reaches from the centre to the lake.

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