Property & Ownership

Who is Holar Developments?
What is the history of mill operations on the Mill Site lands?
Is the Mill Site part of the Sawmill Trust lands?
Is the BC Tree Fruits property part of the Mill Site Plan?
Is the property contaminated?
How and where on the site is contamination an issue? How much remediation will be required?
Is there contamination in the lake? How will the impacted areas in the lake be remediated?
What is happening on the site now? When will the rest of the buildings be taken down?

Development Process

What is the planning schedule/what is the status of the consultation?
What is an Area Redevelopment Plan?
What is the timeframe for creating the Mill Site Area Redevelopment Plan?
What comes after the Mill Site Redevelopment Plan is completed?
How does the Mill Site Redevelopment Plan relate to the North End Neighbourhood Plan?
What is the status of the North End Planning Process?

Getting Involved

How can the community get involved in the Mill Site planning process?
What is the Community Liaison Committee and the Mill Site’s role on this committee?
How can I get more information as the process advances?

We are Here

What is the current status of the planning and engagement process?
What is the difference between the various concept plans?

Keep me Informed

From the very beginning, this project has been about community. An opportunity to connect our community, to serve our community, and to include our community.

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