Concept Plans presented to City Council

September 28, 2023

After two years of community engagement and concurrent planning with the City of Kelowna’s North End Plan, the Mill Site team presented three concept plans to Council Members at the September 25, 2023 Regular Council Meeting. The presentation was hosted by Holar Developments Team Lead, Daniel Walsh, and DIALOG founding partner and lead design consultant, Joost Bakker.

The purpose of the presentation was to inform Council of the concept plans for the Mill Site Area Redevelopment Plan and upcoming public engagement. The presentation focused on how the plans were built fover the last 2 years of engagement and workshops with community members, the City of Kelowna, Westbank First Nations, and Okanagan Indian Band.

The community vision and plan objectives of Okanagan Authentic, Water First, Streets for People, Upcycled, and Complete Communities are the foundation for each of these early concepts. The concepts are shown below in relation to the City of Kelowna North End Plan.

The presentation comes in advance of the next round of public feedback this October. We will be seeking your input on the three plans during pop-up events with the City of Kelowna, an online survey, and public information session.

More information will be provided on engagement opportunities in the coming days.

A first look at the concepts

Concept 1

Balance between three core open spaces with distinct experiences of cultural, ecological, and industrial focus.

Concept 2

A rhythm of smaller parks arranged along a diagonal pedestrian street that reaches from marsh to mountain.

Concept 3

An emphasis on a singular, large, centralized park that extends out from the No. 5 Shed towards the lake.